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Meeting with the Foreign Affairs Minister of Greece Ms Dora Bakoyannis

It was awesome to be part of this very interesting discussion at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Minister (Ms Dora Bakoyannis) along with a number of Bloggers and people active through social media had an opportunity to exchange views and debate concerning the role of the Internet and web 2.o technologies with concern to politics and political communications.

It was quite interesting brainstorming ideas and suggesting technologies that can become instruments for developing foreign policy, while bringing together the Hellenic community overseas.

All the people involved were excellent in their remarks and I personally believe that it was a great opportunity to exchange views and hopefully shape political communications strategies in Greek politics.

My talking points included:
Permission Marketing techniques,
Online political communications,
facebook groups concerning the issue of Macedonia
Communication tools of a Foreign Ministry website.

I must say that I experienced this meeting as a political communications workshop with a foreign affairs theme. Also, it was great to meet other Bloggers, active in the arena of Greek politics, and make 4 new facebook friends.


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Πότε ακριβώς θα γίνουν οι επόμενες εκλογές.

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Πως να χτίσεις αυθαίρετο σε νησί

Εδώ και δύο καλοκαίρια, δύο πολύ καλοί μου φίλοι με έχουν φιλοξενήσει στο εξοχικό τους, σε νησί των Κυκλάδων.
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Το παραπάνω άρθρο θυμήθηκα και το έγραψα με αφορμή ένα βίντε…

Margaret Beckett Answers my Question !

Two weeks ago I asked Margaret Beckett (UK Foreign Secretary) a question:

Vaspapeete (2 weeks ago) Marked as spam Dear Margaret Beckett:
Do you believe that issues such as trade, economic development of least developed nations, and utilization of country specific advantages can be instruments for developing foreign policy? And if so, how?
Thank you. (Reply) (Spam)

And One Week ago she answered my Question!

Watch it here: