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Promises Kept - Will you donate today?

Joe, (VP Joe Biden) emailed Organising for America supporters yesterday, regarding the "Promises Kept Report".

As he states in the email: 

Friend --

Telling the story of the past two years will be critical to the fights ahead. And it's not just the story of this president or this White House -- it's your story. And it is literally proof that the organizing you do on the ground -- the conversations you have with your friends and neighbors -- is working.

I understand that emailing OFA supporters with the outcomes of the first 2 years in office is a strait-forward move. Nothing new here, and probably, something that is expected from OFA, which is on a campaign mode all the time. 

I want to focus on the donation aspect of OFA. When you visit the "Promises Kept Report" website, you can download a pdf of the document, or you can donate $10 dollars or more, to receive 5 print copies.

In the donate page it states that:

Your donation will cover the cost of shipping and help us continue to build on our historic progress together.
It is my feeling that OFA wants to capitalise on OFA and Barack Obama supporters, just for doing their jobs. But, why did the report come out on the OFA website and not from the WhiteHouse?

I am not questioning the validity of the report. I am questioning why OFA needs to fund-raise just because it published a report. I can understand why a party (like the Democrats) needs to fund-raise throughout the year, and the DNC of course does that.

But the DNC does not provide a link to the "Promises Kept Report"; it redirects people to OFA in order to download or donate. If someone wants to support the President, and give their money, because of the "Promises Kept Report" should he/she contribute to the DNC or donate to OFA?


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